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Spectrum Bulk Cable/Internet

Effective Sept. 1st 2019 Clearview Oaks Condominium and Paradise Sections will be receiving an upgraded Spectrum TV Select Bronze basic cable package as well as Spectrum Internet From Bright House Networks LLC. This the new Bulk Cable/Internet agreement that includes 3 free set top boxes, one of which may be a DVR, approved by the Board of Directors at a duly called meeting on July 9th, 2019.

Additional Premium Channels for Movies or Sports Packages as well as Phone Service can be obtained thru Spectrum at an additional cost to the unit owners.

To obtain your equipment, call Spectrum Customer Service at 855-326-5115 to request a self-installation kit or schedule a professional installation. (Installation fees may apply)

Mitch Lucas, LCAM
Property Manager
Clearview Oaks/Paradise Condominium Association