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From the President

Each owner has one assigned parking space for their unit. If there are additional vehicles in the home, one of the vehicles needs to park in the “overflow area”. Every vehicle belonging to a owner/resident should be identified by a parking “sticker” affixed in the lower left hand corner of the windshield.  

Owners and residents are not to park in spaces designated for Visitors. Visitor spaces are for short-term visitors. Those staying overnight need to use thee Overflow Area. Please advise your visitors to use only visitor spaces and not to park in a space designated with a unit number.  

If an owner has given permission for you to use their parking space, a notice in writing from that owner has to be given to the Board and kept on file.

The Board is diligently working on making sure these rules are followed and updating our records. If you do not currently have a “sticker” or if it has been damaged by the sun to become unreadable, please contact the Board for a new one. 

Natalie TeSelle
Clearview Oaks Condominium Assoc., Inc.
Board President